2013 Awardee and Finalists

The recipient of the 2013 Award for Excellence in Medication-Use Safety, which is sponsored by Cardinal Health, was announced at a dinner honoring the awardees on December 8, 2013. The recipient and finalists are:

  2013 Recipient: BJC HealthCare
St. Louis, Missouri
Using Automation to Detect Severe Hypoglycemia, Collect Causative Factors and Inform Prevention Strategies Across a Large Health Care System
At BJC HealthCare, 75 percent of all adverse drug events in hospitalized patients involved dangerously low blood sugar values as a result of the use of medications to treat diabetes. A pharmacist-led team, composed also of nurses and physicians, developed an automated system to identify when patients have low blood sugars and to determine the cause. The team also developed interventions that could be used across 11 hospitals in the BJC Health Care system and tailored to individual hospitals to reduce the likelihood that patients would experience a dangerously low blood sugar. These efforts by the BJC HealthCare team resulted in dramatic decreases in low blood sugar rates, hospital days, and costs for hospitalized patients over a 4-year period.
Read more about BJC HealthCare's initiative here.
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  2013 Finalist: Kaiser Permanente Southern California
Los Angeles, California
Outpatient Safety Net

Kaiser Permanente Southern California initiated a joint venture between physicians and pharmacists to develop a program to prevent potential harm from medication-related problems in ambulatory patients. The objective was to develop a systematic approach to managing patients who are taking medications that have a high potential for adverse drug events (ADEs) if not monitored appropriately. Since 2009, seven medication safety programs have been initiated, and more than 400,000 interventions have been completed. The program has been successful in identifying and intervening in patients at high risk for adverse medication-related outcomes. Each year the program has been able to add more initiatives without adding costs through technology and improving efficiencies.
Read more about Kaiser Permanente Southern California's initiative here.
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  2013 Finalist: VA Sierra Pacific Network (VISN 21)
Reno, Nevada
Pharmacovigilance Dashboards: Improving Medication Safety by Transforming Data into Information
Veterans Integrated Service Network 21 has successfully improved medication safety for more than 113,000 patients during the past 3 years through a pharmacist-led interprofessional approach integrating patient data into a user-friendly, innovative Medication Safety Dashboard. This dashboard provides an additional safety net to identify at-risk patients for interventions that can improve patient care, safety and outcomes. Pharmacist leadership was evident in every step—from conceptualization, design, selection of metrics, implementation and revision of the dashboard in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team involving task forces, committees and feedback from the end users, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, case managers and clerks. Successful implementation of this real-time Medication Safety Dashboard has shown improved patient outcomes, including decreased emergency department visits and hospitalizations.
Read more about VISN 21's initiative here.
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