2016 In Memory Of Donations

The ASHP Foundation frequently receives donations made in memory of individuals. The following list recognizes these special donations, those who remain in our thoughts, and the contributors who made those gifts in calendar year 2016. (Please note that the list below includes donors of gifts received through December 31, 2016.)

Eileen Allen
Stephen J. Allen
Cynthia Brennan
Carla J. Brink and Paul Ranelli
Tim R. Brown
Susan A. Cantrell
Leslie Chemtob
Daniel J. Cobaugh
Kevin J. Colgan
Bethany L. Coulter
Lisa M. Gersema
Brandi Goswick
Andrew Heffler
Thomas James Johnson
Christene M. Jolowsky
Ann and Charles M. King Jr.
Lynnae M. Mahaney
Janet L. Mighty
William Montone
Natasha C. Nicol
Barbara Nussbaum
Robert L. Poole
Angela Raval
Scott M Samson
Pat and Scott Sanders
Philip J. Schneider
Kathryn R. Schultz
Michaelene W. Setlow
Jamie S. Sinclair
Kelly M. Smith
Kasey Thompson
Paula Tiedemann
Julie L. and C. Edwin Webb
Valorie J. Wilkins

Cathy C. Bowles
Susan R. Dombrowski

Jordan Burger
Nancy Anne Nickman

Patricia Burkhardt
Mary E. Burkhardt

Toby Clark
Christopher R. Fortier
Marianne F. and Tom D. Ivey
Ann and Charles M. King Jr.
Lisa S. Lifshin
Pamela K. Phelps
Meghan Davlin Swarthout
Billy W. Woodward

Elizabeth Allan Flynn
Michael R. Cohen

Clarence L. Fortner
William A. and Charlene B. Zellmer

Sandy Fuller
Patrick David Fuller

Rawley M. Guerrero
Richard de Leon

Dr. & Mrs. Stephan E. Hetey
Stephen K. Hetey

Eric T. Hola
Vickie Lynn Ferdinand-Powell
Rosario (Russ) Lazzaro
Lisa S. Lifshin
Lynnae M. Mahaney

Jack and Shirley Lane
Ashley Lane

Abe and Zena Lifshin
Lisa S. Lifshin

K. Don Lindsay
William A. Zellmer

Tho Ngo
Ngo Khanh

Timothy R. Page
Steven D Kastendieck

Dr. Paul F. Parker
Donald E. Letendre

Paul and Addie Catherine Parker
Max D. Ray

Magdalen Pruemer
Jane M. Pruemer

Angela Renesis
Susan M. Drady

Mindy Semanyk
Lisa S. Lifshin

Janet L. Teeters
Bonnie Bachenheimer
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (Caryn Bing)
Katrin S. Fulginiti
Inpharm Co., Inc.
Diane M. McClaskey
Akilah F. Strawder

John W. Webb
Mark J. Kana

Mark Zelbo
Lisa S. Lifshin