2017 In Honor of Donations

The ASHP Foundation frequently receives donations made in tribute to individuals or groups. The following list recognizes those who were honored, and the contributors who made those gifts in calendar year 2016.  (Please note that the list below includes donors of gifts received through
August 31, 2017.)

Stephen J. Allen
Donald E. Letendre
Cheri Zollicoffer

Ima Darling Armitstead
John A. Armitstead

Daniel M. Ashby
Linda Vidosh Zempel

ASHP Board of Directors
John A. Armitstead

Diane B. Ginsburg
T. Mark Woods

Susan E. Gorman
RxPrep, Inc.

Mick Hunt Jr.
Susan A. Cantrell

Thomas James Johnson
Jennifer Moulton

James A. Jorgenson
Stephen J. Allen

Charles M. King, Jr.
Mark J. Kana

Lee Memorial Health System
John A. Armitstead

Dean Manke
Jamie S. Sinclair

Dr. Henri R. Manasse Jr.

Cynthia L. Morris-Kukoski
RxPrep, Inc.

Joseph A. Oddis
Stephen J. Allen
Christene M. Jolowsky
Jocelyn Milford

William P. Owad Jr.
Stephen J. Allen

Max D. Ray
William E. Smith

Residency Class of 2016-2017 (AU Medical Center & UGA College of Pharmacy)
Marjorie A. Phillips

Kelsea Seago & Fellow 2017 Pharmacy Residents
Bethany L. Coulter

Margaret Louise Sidebottom
Donna L. Rehbeck

John T. Tighe III
Stephen J. Allen

David Witmer
Jamie S. Sinclair

William A. Zellmer
T. Mark Woods