2018 Contributors by Giving Level

The ASHP Research and Education Foundation is grateful for the generosity of the following contributors who made cash gifts, grants, and pledge payments this year. (Donors of multiple year pledges are listed at the level of their combined gifts and pledge payments scheduled within the current year.)

Bronze Circle (Gifts of $50,000-$99,999)
Apexus, Inc.

Patrons (Gifts of $5,000-$9,999)

Sponsors (Gifts of $2,500-$4,999)
Rita K. and Lyle Jew

Benefactors (Gifts of 1,000-$2,499)
Stephen J. Allen
Cynthia Brennan
Elizabeth Hartnett
Louise N. Maitland
Barbara B. Nussbaum
Janet A. Silvester
Jamie Sue Sinclair
Julie L. and C. Edwin Webb

Stewards (Gifts of $500-$999)
Kimberlee Berry
Stephanie Brown
Bethany L. Coulter
Erin R. Fox
Ronald Lay
Christina Yvonne Martin
Douglas R. Smith
Tracy J. Yaklyvich

Supporters (Gifts of $250-$499)
Benjamin Anderson
Carla J. Brink and Paul Ranelli
Leslie Chemtob
John Heberlein
Andrea Jacob
Anita Lonesome
Eric M. Maroyka
Jocelyn Milford

Contributors (Gifts of $100-$249)
Chris Baker
Angela Turner Cassano
Michelle Corrado
Diana L. Dabdub
Katrin S. Fulginiti
Andrea Walsh Haron
Bruce Hawkins
Kathleen S Hemming
Mark T. Holdsworth
Lisa M Lucas
Tony R. Martin
Mary Kate McGinty
Shannon Mora
Roland A. Patry
Jeffery A. Shick
Kristy L. Shoemaker
Greg Smallwood
Ross W. Thompson
Barbara F. Young

Friends of the Foundation (Gifts up to $99)
Richard Joseph Albano
Zaynah K. Ali
Joseph Aloi
Chezka Mae Baker
Silvana Balliu
Bernadette S. Belgado
Stephanie Bevivino
Martin J. Breen
Danielle F. Brown
LiAnne Brown
James A. Cattin
Jessica Cobo Barroso
Geraldine Creaton
Richard F. Demers
Lauren Dubosh
Michaelia Denise Dunn
Linda Elias
Karen Famoso
Donald B. Graham
Anita J. Groves-McAllister
John Matthew Guzallis
Elizabeth C Hansen
Christina Hanson
Christine Marie Holtman
Donald Jones
Daniel Kapp
Christopher A. Keeys
Jennifer Koehl
Luz Labrada Ravelo
Terry Len Laurila
Lorraine Anne Lee
Ai-Chieh Lin
Robert N. Mains
Christopher J. Maksym
Naomi M. Martin
Richard Martin
Chris Mealey
Tracy Michallow
Rob John Moss
Katie Naper
Phillip J Nelson
Edna Patatanian
Sarah Pearce
Tiffani Reed
Kathryn Renouard Brown
Margaret L. Rice
Jessica Richmond
Abbi Rowe
Jola Salavaci
Ashley Savage
Meenakshi Shelat
Andrew Sirois
Kethen W So
Sherry Stotler-Frew
Monica Timmerman
James S Wheeler
Rochelle Wolfram