2018 Foundation Ambassadors

The ASHP Research and Education Foundation is indebted to the following individuals who, in addition to their own personal contributions, helped encourage one or more gifts to the Foundation, either through employee match programs,  professional services rendered, or volunteer service on behalf of the ASHP Foundation.   (Please note that the list below includes gifts received through December 6, 2018.)

Gifts $5,000 to $9,999
Charles Daniels
Sara J. White

Gifts $1,000 to $2,499
Elizabeth D. Bentley
Kristina Butler
Erin R. Fox
Elizabeth Hartnett
John E. Murphy
Sidney Paul Phillips
Jerry Siegel
David A. Zilz

Gifts $500 to $999
Anna Legreid Dopp
Michelle Gourdine
Joseph M. Hill
Rachana Patel
Dominic Solimando Jr.

Gifts $250 to $499
John Clark
Natalie Eddington
Steve Peters

Gifts up to $99
Laura Baumgartner
John Fanikos