What Our Trainees Say About This Program

“The ASHP Foundation Antithrombotic Traineeship was an invaluable experience for me. The preceptors were very accommodating, and they introduced me to new ideas for patient management as well as clinical practice management. The nature and severity of illnesses encountered were dramatically different that what I was accustomed to seeing in my own community hospital-based clinic practice, and I also picked up some ideas for improving processes within our facility. I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Duke University Medical Center.”
--Kevin Burns, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy Services, Dearborn County Hospital, Lawrenceburg, IN 

“I had a wonderful experience at Duke University. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and the experience greatly expanded my knowledge of outpatient anticoagulation management. I especially enjoyed talking with the patients and learning how to deal with the various challenges encountered with noncompliant patients.  Due to personnel changes at our facility, we have been unable to initiate an antithrombotic program, but we
still plan to do so, and my experience at Duke will help us succeed in completing that goal.”
--Jill A. Hope, Director of Pharmacy, Community Mercy Health Partners, Springfield, OH

“The most valuable aspect was the exposure to the various clinical practices of anticoagulation services: three hospital practices, two outpatient anticoagulation clinics and an outpatient oncology anticoagulation clinic. Ann Wittkowsky, Pharm.D., University of Washington Medical Center, provided an excellent traineeship site, was an outstanding mentor and maximized our time by exposing us to several practices. The preparation and the traineeship has helped me improve patient care by giving me the tools to initiate and evaluate our anticoagulation program at Mercy Memorial Hospital." 
--Tina Melonakos, Pharm.D., Clinical Coordinator of Pharmacy Services, Mercy Memorial Hospital, Monroe, MI

“The Antithrombotic Traineeship was an excellent opportunity to see anticoagulation management in a variety of settings. I believe that both the didactic and experiential portions of the traineeship helped me to improve my clinical skills in the area of anticoagulation. I was able to take much of the knowledge I gained during the traineeship and apply it to our institution. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this program.”
--Lynsey Neighbors, Pharm.D., BCPS, Staff Pharmacist, Anticoagulation Service Pharmacist, East Alabama Medical Center, Opelika, AL

"The ASHP Foundation Antithrombotic Traineeship was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was able to reinforce old skills and learn new ones in multiple clinical settings while creating new friendships and expanding my professional network. My greatest reward was being able to take back what I learned and improve patient care in my own workplace by most recently improving our pharmacy's warfarin protocol and creating a pharmacy based argatroban protocol.”
--Matthew Piskun, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator, Shore Memorial Hospital, Somers Point, NJ 

"Thank you to all of the professionals who spent time with us in the Antithrombotic Traineeship. They provided us with an excellent overview of how antithrombotic therapy is provided in a variety of settings. More than I expected. It was especially helpful for me to see the various aspects of how anticoagulation clinics operate."
-- Paul Lata, Pharm.D.
Clinical Pharmacist, Case Management Services, Bay Area Medical Center, Marinette, WI
Manager, Bay Area Cardiovascular Center Anticoagulation Clinic, Marinette, WI

"I felt very fortunate to have been selected for the traineeship, coming from a small rural hospital. I was matched with a preceptor with a similar setting in antithrombotic management. The ASHP Foundation, along with the preceptors, have assembled a comprehensive and practical program that gives you experiences in several patient care settings. Outstanding experience in the specialized area of antithrombotic therapy!!!"
-- Mari Lynn Hoselton, R.Ph.
Staff Pharmacist, Anticoag Clinic Pharmacist
OSF St. James Medical Center, Pontiac, IL