Lawrence Memorial Hospital Visit

On May 17-18, 2012, Sara J. White visited Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Lawrence, Kan. Her presentation to the residents was videotaped, and you can view it here:

Developing Stars

Pat E. Parker, M.S.P., R.Ph., Lawrence Memorial's director of pharmacy and IV therapy, said "I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to the Foundation for sponsoring the Visiting Leaders Program at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  It was a wonderful success and has created a great ‘buzz’ of energy and excitement for preceptor development and residency participation." 

Christina Martin, Pharm.D., a health-system pharmacy administration resident at the University of Kansas Hospital, said, "I had the opportunity to attend the Visiting Leaders Program session in Lawrence. Sara White spoke to an audience of approximately 100 people at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. As Sara is a former director of my institution (KUH), it was exciting to hear her speak on the topic of leadership being a professional obligation. It was a great event! I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the ASHP Foundation for both creating and supporting this program. Thank you for this opportunity for both residents and preceptors."   


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