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Welcome to "Conversations with Health-System Pharmacy's Most Influential Leaders." This ASHP Foundation-produced video collection features oral histories by health-system pharmacy’s best-known pioneers.

The original concept for “Conversations” was born out of numerous discussions that ASHP Past President and Whitney Award recipient Sara J. White had with many of her colleagues.  In these discussions, it was not uncommon to hear concerns voiced that some of our most successful leaders in health-system pharmacy are retiring or entering into new phases of their careers and are generally less available for active pharmacists to speak with and learn from their experiences. There was a sense that students and practicing pharmacists could benefit immensely by connecting with the personal stories and the intangible aspects of the leadership demonstrated by our most influential health-system pharmacy practitioners. 

So, with tremendous passion and personal commitment for helping health-system pharmacists become successful practice leaders, Sara offered her time, talents and financial support to help create a series of video conversations with influential health-system pharmacists. 

We hope that as you view these videos, you will feel as though you are listening in on candid conversations about inspiration, commitment to do the right things, perseverance in the face of great challenges, creativity and humility in achieving tremendous professional success. 

Please enjoy this opportunity to explore, learn and reflect with health-system pharmacy's most influential leaders. If you are using these videos as part of an education or training program, you may find the Suggested Discussion Guide useful. (Listen to Sara White's ideas for incorporating the videos into your curriculum!)

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