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When patients and their caregivers interface with the health care system, obtaining an accurate medication history is one of the greatest challenges that confront health professionals. There are numerous contributors to this clinical challenge, including fragmentation in care, patient use of multiple providers and limited patient ability to coordinate their health care. This issue has received heightened attention as a result of The Joint Commission's medication reconciliation standards.

To help address this major patient care issue, ASHP and the ASHP Foundation convened a Continuity of Care in Medication Use Summit in June 2007. The multidisciplinary participants in the Summit reached a consensus on a minimum set of data elements for a patient-centered medicine list. The participants indicated that the list should include all of a patient's current medications, including prescription, over-the-counter, dietary supplements and herbal products. There was also a consensus that the medicine list should be used as a tool to stimulate dialogue between patients/caregivers and health professionals about a patient's current medication use. The Summit proceedings will be published in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy in early 2008.

Following the Summit, the ASHP Foundation engaged a health literacy expert to develop a literacy-sensitive tool entitled My Medicine List™:

Patients can also find My Medicine List™ at

Please note: My Medicine List™ is not meant to be relied upon as an absolutely accurate list of medications. Rather, it is a tool that can facilitate conversation about medications between patients and their health care professionals.