Leadership Speakers Bureau: A Collaborative Program With Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacy

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Now in its 11th year, the Leadership Speakers Bureau is an initiative in response to requests from pharmacy students to develop an introductory leadership program. It is hosted by Student Societies of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP) at pharmacy colleges and schools. The ASHP Foundation, ASHP and the Student Forum’s Leadership Development Group are responsible for its ongoing development. The ASHP Foundation supports the SSHP event by providing financial resources and speaker assistance for the event. Health-system pharmacy leaders volunteer to serve as speakers for the program.

Leadership Speakers Bureau Objectives
The Leadership Speakers Bureau's goal is to support the ASHP statement on  leadership as a professional obligation through the following objectives:

• Demonstrate through sharing examples from a health-system pharmacy leader’s career that leadership is not an option for professional growth; it is an obligation.
• Differentiate a leadership position verses leadership as a personal development goal.
• Dispel the myth that leadership can only be exercised by individuals who are in certain positions in the organizational chart.
• Demonstrate leadership is a learned attribute obtained through formal leadership educational opportunities and informal processes, and must be practiced to be successful.

How to Host a Leadership Speakers Bureau Event
SSHPs are invited to host a Leadership Speakers Bureau event for the 2017-2018 academic year. Please follow these guidelines when making your request:
1. Complete the Leadership Speakers Bureau Event Request & Planning Form to start the process. (See a sample PDF of the request form to determine the information you will be asked to provide.)
2. Schedule the event at least 60 days from the date of the request.
3. Consult the Host Guide for additional information about setting up the event.

When your request is received, an ASHP Foundation staff member will contact you to discuss the details of your event.

Informative Webinar
Watch this webinar recording for more information about applying for and setting up an event. You'll also get an overview of the program and the types of leadership topics covered. Watch now.

Consider Becoming a Leadership Speakers Bureau Speaker
If you are a pharmacy leader and are interested in participating in the Leadership Speakers Bureau as a speaker, you are invited to submit your name.

Speakers Guide is available providing information and resources to develop a Leadership Speakers Bureau presentation.

Questions about the Leadership Speakers Bureau should be referred to the ASHP Foundation at foundation@ashp.org or 301-664-8612.


  Students from the University of Houston College of Pharmacy and Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy interact and mingle with Houston-area residency program directors and current residents at a recent Leadership Speakers Bureau event.
Guest lecturer, Dr. Alex Varkey, speaks to the importance of leadership in pharmacy, and of critical thinking in leadership.
Pictured left to right are: Osita Okafor, Texas Southern University SSHP Chapter President; Dr. Aisha Morris-Moultry, Texas Southern University SSHP Faculty Advisor; Jerad Logue, Texas Southern University SSHP Chapter President-Elect; Dr. Brian Fase, Gulf Coast Society of Health-System Pharmacists President-Elect; Dr. Malar Narayanan, Gulf Coast Society of Health-System Pharmacists Recording Secretary; Dr. Alex Varkey, keynote speaker; Dr. Paige Pitman, University of Houston SSHP Faculty Advisor; Dr. Christopher Bui, Gulf Coast Society of Health-System Pharmacists Member-At-Large; Dr. Jessica Cottreau, University of Houston SSHP Faculty Advisor; Amy Lehnert, University of Houston SSHP Chapter President; and Zachary Kirk, University of Houston SSHP Chapter President-Elect.