2010 Zellmer Fund Donors

The following gifts were made to the Zellmer Fund in 2010:

Zellmer Sponsors (Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999)
European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
King Saud University College of Pharmacy
Henri R. Manasse Jr.
Bruce E. Scott

Zellmer Benefactors (Gifts of 1,000-$2,499)
Malcolm J. Broussard
Susan A. Cantrell
Lisa M. Gersema
Joseph A. Oddis

Zellmer Stewards (Gifts of $500-999)
Fred M. Eckel
Agatha L. Nolen
Jeanette C. Roberts and David J. Francetic
SAP Matching Gift Program
James G. Stevenson
Kasey K. Thompson
David R. Witmer

Zellmer Supporters (Gifts of $250-$499)
Karen Vitacolonna Falk
Diane B. Ginsburg
Harold N. Godwin
William A. Gouveia
Ann and Charles M. King Jr.
Earlene E. Lipowski
Janet L. Mighty
Julie A. Nelson
Colleen H. O’Malley
Marjorie A. and William G. Phillips
Kathryn R. Schultz
Rita R. Shane
Marie Ann Smith
Thomas S. Thielke
William H. and Hannah Vanderpool

Zellmer Contributors (Gifts of $100-$249)
Paul W. Abramowitz
David D. Allen
Jody H. Allen
John A. Armitstead
Daniel M. Ashby
Robert C. Bogash
Mary and Grover C. Bowles Jr.
M. Lynn Crismon
William M. Ellis Jr.
Gregory Higby
James M. Hoffman
Marianne F. and Tom D. Ivey
Christene M. Jolowsky
Kurt A. and Patricia Kienle
Brian M. Meyer
Jimmy R. Mitchell
Charles E. Myers
Myrna J. Petersen and Keith Konajeski
Michael D. Sanborn
Jill A. Sellers
Janet A. Silvester
Lee C. Vermeulen Jr. and Jill Kolesar
Sara J. White
Lewis E. Williams
Dennis B. and Patricia Worthen

Zellmer Friends (Gifts of $50-$99)
Mary Louise Degenhart
Charles W. Jastram Jr.
Paul J. Mosko Jr.
John E. Murphy
Jamie S. Sinclair
Judith Thompson
John L. Woon
David R. Work