2010 Foundation Ambassadors

The ASHP Research and Education Foundation is indebted to the following individuals who, in addition to their own personal contributions, helped encourage one or more corporate gifts to the Foundation, either through employee match programs or by way of professional services rendered. All capitalized names indicate a recent donation. (Please note that this list was last updated on 1/13/2011 and reflects donations received by 12/31/10.)

Gifts exceeding $4,000
C. Richard Talley
Lynnae M. Mahaney
Henri R. Manasse Jr.
William A. Zellmer

Gifts $2,000 to $4,000
Karen E. Bertch
Daniel J. Cobaugh
Justine K. Coffey
Diane B. Ginsburg
Karl F. Gumpper
Brian M. Meyer
C. Douglas Monroe
Cynthia Reilly
Janet A. Silvester

Gifts $1,000 to $2,000
Jody H. Allen
Bona E. Benjamin
Joseph M. Hill
Brendan J. Reichert
James Allen Russell
Dominic A. Solimando Jr.
Amy Steinkellner

Gifts up to $1,000
Stephen J. Allen
Mary A. Andrawis
Daniel M. Ashby
Caryn M. Bing
Susan A. Cantrell
Kevin J. Colgan
Meghan V. Davlin
Christopher R. Fortier
Bruce M. Gordon
Christene M. Jolowsky
James A. Jorgenson
Pamela Kaul
John E. Murphy
Adam D. Porath
Jeanette C. Roberts and David J. Francetic
Douglas J. Scheckelhoff
Janet L. Teeters
William H. Vanderpool