Henri R. Manasse Legacy Fund: Transforming the Pharmacy Profession

“Redefining care models for pharmacists will not happen if we continue to simply do more of what we have been doing and deploying our scarce resources in the same way. It is time to be bold and forceful in our actions. We need a revolution of thinking in pharmacy practice that puts us at the forefront of patient care.”

Beliefs such as this one expressed by Dr. Henri R. Manasse, ASHP's executive vice president and CEO since 1997, have sparked the creation of the Henri R. Manasse Legacy Fund. The fund both honors Dr. Manasse, who will retire at the end of 2011, and provides support to programs that will continue his progressive vision for the future of health-system pharmacy.

The Foundation’s campaign to honor Henri’s legacy is funding what everyone knows is a critically needed transformation in pharmacy practice and accountability for patients’ medication outcomes. The intent is real and the action is impressive--and evidenced by an extensive set of recommendations and tools

The Campaign is actionable, and has already resulted in a long list of accomplishments resulting from this initiative. In just 24 months, the campaign has reached 78 percent of the Foundation’s $2 million goal to fund Pharmacy Practice Model Initiatives (PPMI). Funds raised are prioritized by the ASHP Foundation Board of Directors for immediate use for research and education programs, including practice tools and implementation models that can help drive practice advancement at the local health-system level.

Every ASHP Foundation board member is supporting the campaign. Additionally, the Board made the decision to match all gifts made by individuals to the Manasse Legacy Campaign to bring us successfully down the home stretch. We encourage you to invest in the vision of the PPMI and help bring in that $500,000 match!

To contribute, either make a gift online or download a gift form from the campaign brochure and mail that to us with your pledge or check. If you have questions, please call CEO Steve Allen at (301) 664-8818.

We are grateful for the many donors who have supported the Manasse Legacy Fund to date.

2011 Manasse Legacy Campaign Corporate Benefit Dinner
New Orleans, Louisiana