Residency Expansion Grant Fund

The ASHP Foundation is grateful to the many individuals and organizations that have offered tribute gifts to the Pharmacy Residency Expansion Grant Fund in memory of Janet L. Teeters.

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If you would like to add your name to the list of donors who have given gifts in memory of Janet Teeters, click here.

Paul W. Abramowitz
Wyanza Renee Acosta
ACPE Board and Staff
Maria R. Advincula
Karen M. Adwan
Justin Allen
Stephen J. Allen
Ernest R. Anderson Jr.
APhA Board of Trustees and Staff
John A. Armitstead
Ascend Learning
Mohammed Ali Tahseen Aseeri
Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors
Bona E. Benjamin
Scott Bergman
Beverly Black
Board of Pharmacy Specialties
Susan Teil Boyer
Frank Briggs
Carla J. Brink and Paul Ranelli
Ronald L. Broekemeier
Jack Bruggeman
Colleen Bush
Rosemary J. Call
Susan A. Cantrell
Tonya Carlton
Angela Turner Cassano
James A. Cattin
Leslie Chemtob
Toby Clark
Daniel J. Cobaugh
Wayne F. Conrad
Bethany Coulter
Julie Dagam
Charles and Linda Daniels
John Deadwyler
Bruce & Jeannine Dickerhofe
Yolanda D. Douthard
Lea S. Eiland
Ginger J. Ertel
Ogechi Eshleman
Kate Farthing
Rebecca S. Finley
Nora Flint
Erin R. Fox
Leah Frantzen
Katrin S. Fulginiti
Patrick David Fuller
Cheryl M. Gallagher
Lisa M. Gersema
Ric M. Giese
Marsha Gilbreath
William A. Gouveia
Karl F. Gumpper
Sharon A. Hall
Kristin K. Hanson
Ken Harding
JoAnn S. Harris
Elizabeth Hartnett
Jill and Rune Haug
Melissa K. Heigham
Mary M. Hess
Ann R. Hoey
James M. Hoffman
Lynn Hoffman
Eric T. Hola
Cheryl  Imirie
Barbara T. Irby
Rondell C. and Leslie Jaggers
Kate Jeffers
Rita & Lyle Jew
Mark S. Johnson
Samuel Gregory Johnson
Thomas James Johnson
Christene M. Jolowsky
William N. Jones
Louise D. Kelley
Margaret T. Kelly
Stan Kent
Janet M. Keresztes
Patricia Killingsworth
Michael Knauss
Lisa Kohoutek
Carolyn Kowalchik
Elliot and Shannon Kuida
Eric C. Kutscher
Linda Leishear
Ondrea M. Levos
Lisa S. Lifshin
Janet A. Liles
Anita Lonesome
Shane B. Madsen
Michael J. Magee
Lynnae Mahaney
Ashley L. Mains
Lesley Maloney
Dr. Henri R. and Arlyn Manasse Jr.
Patricia L. Masters
Michelle W. McCarthy
Diane M. McClaskey
Arpit Mehta
Michael J. Melby
Gerald E. Meyer
Lisa M. Michener
Janet L. Mighty
Edward D. Millikan
Luke Mitchell
Miriam A. Mobley Smith
Stacey Ann Moultrie
National Matching Services Inc.
Steven P. Nelson
Nancy A. Nickman
Mary Beth O'Connell
Cynthia A. Odegard
Kevin T. Parker
Alice Pau
Myrna J. Petersen and Keith Konajeski
Kathy Pham
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)
Pharmacy Technician Educators Council (PTEC)
Beth Phillips
Marjorie A. and William G. Phillips
Anne Policastri
Amy Marie Richardson
Andrea G. Roberson
John Roefaro
Judith P. Ronshagen
Michael J. Rouse
Ranee M. Runnebaum
Joseph M. Sceppa
Douglas J. Scheckelhoff
Philip J. Schneider
Naomi M. Schultheis
Kathryn R. Schultz
Bonnie L. Senst
Michaelene W. Setlow
Jeffery A. Shick
Janet A. Silvester
Douglas Slain
Douglas R. Smith
Kelly M. Smith
Leslie Nichole Smith
Sullivan University
Kasey K. Thompson
Paula Tiedemann
James A. Trovato
Linda S. Tyler
Univ. of Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hannah Vanderpool
Joseph Vibert
Peter H. Vlasses
Brian Wall
David J. Warner
Julie L. and C. Edwin Webb
Sara J. White
David R. Witmer
Carol R. Wolfe
Tracy J. Yaklyvich
Barbara F. Young
Fern Zappala
William A. Zellmer