University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Master’s in Healthcare Administration
Healthcare administrators are skilled professionals who manage hospitals, healthcare organizations and a variety of other services. To make effective decisions, healthcare administrators must understand the basic business principles and tools related to finance, information systems, strategic planning, human resource management and marketing.

The Master’s in Healthcare Administration Program will provide students with tangible skills in the following 4 competency domains, as required by the Commission on Accreditation healthcare Management Education (CAHME):

1.    Communication and interpersonal effectiveness
2.    Critical thinking, analysis and problem solving
3.    Management and leadership
4.    Professionalism and ethics

These are based on the ACHE Healthcare Leadership Alliance domains and competencies model.

For detailed curriculum information and graduate credit eligibility, contact Jennifer Fink, Ph.D., M.S., MHA, Program Director at 414-229-7533 or

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Master’s in Healthcare Informatics

Health care informatics focuses on the use of automation to improve health care, and there’s a strong demand for professionals with advanced training in health care information systems. The Master’s in Healthcare Informatics will provide students with the knowledge and skills to master critical functions such as systems analysis and design, database and project management, decision support, network design and health care applications and procurement, preparing for many opportunities in this exciting and fast-growing field.

For detailed curriculum information and graduate credit eligibility, contact Rohit J. Kate at
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