Research Boot Camp

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The ASHP Research and Education Foundation’s Research Boot Camp is a research skills development program composed of distance education, experiential, and research conduct components.

The program aims to: foster the development of pharmacists with practice-based research skills; drive the advancement of translational research by providing clinicians with the expertise, tools and support to start a practice-based research program and answer practice-based research questions; and enhance safe and effective medication use by promoting evidence-based decision-making for individual patients and populations of patients.

The Research Boot Camp will provide an opportunity for up to six new pharmacist researchers to participate in a comprehensive distance education and experiential program. Participants will develop a research idea into a well-structured research plan to be submitted for funding consideration by the ASHP Foundation.

Participants must identify a senior investigator at their institutions to mentor them throughout the program. The senior investigator must have the requisite research experience to supervise the applicant’s research. The senior investigator’s track record will be evaluated based on formal research training, publication track record and success in obtaining extramural grant support. In addition, the senior investigator must commit in his/her letter of support to participate via teleconference in the Research Boot Camp participant’s presentation of his/her research plan in late fall 2015 at ASHP headquarters.

Applicants to this program should demonstrate motivation to acquire research methods skills to conduct rigorous practice-based research and should include an initial research idea for an observational study that uses retrospective data.

Eligibility Criteria
Successful applicants will be pharmacists with an active pharmacy practice who demonstrate motivation to acquire the skills to conduct rigorous practice-based research.
Pharmacists with faculty appointments and non-academic pharmacists are encouraged to apply. Individuals will not be eligible if they have completed a Ph.D. program that provided strong research training.

Applicants will be required to submit an observational, practice-based initial research idea pertinent to their clinical practice area that can be conducted in a one to two-year timeframe. Prospective, observational studies and experimental designs will be considered also, but retrospective, observational studies will be prioritized. Support from the applicant’s home institution and committed local mentoring are required.

Applicants will be expected to document their mastery of the following research-related tasks prior to starting the Research Boot Camp program:

  • Ability to conduct efficient and effective literature searches to respond to clinical questions;
  • Critical literature appraisal as employed in routine clinical practice;
  • Understanding of biostatistics when encountered in the review of research literature (this does not presume the ability to apply biostatistics in the conduct of research); and
  • Documented completion of a program in research ethics.

Funding Information
This program is supported and administered by ASHP Foundation. The boot camp training opportunity is awarded to an individual participant. No stipend or honorarium is awarded to the participant. 

The participant is responsible for providing his/her transportation to the experiential site and lodging. The ASHP Foundation will provide group breakfasts, lunches and one (1) dinner. No per diem payments will be provided by the ASHP Research and Education Foundation.

The applicant's sponsoring institution must agree to provide seed support, which equals or exceeds $5,000, that will enable completion of the proposed research over a 24-month period. Upon completion of the Research Boot Camp, the applicant will submit a project plan for the proposed research to compete for $5,000 in ASHP Foundation funds (matched by the institution’s commitment to seed support).

Program Timeline

The research skills development program consisting of distance education, experiential training and research conduct components will begin with the distance education portion in June 2015 and conclude in November 2015. The experiential training will occur mid-November 2015 (subject to change prior to the application deadline date of May 7, 2015) at ASHP headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Research conduct begins immediately following the on-site training, with submission of a research plan in March 2016.

Application Process

Pharmacists interested in applying for the Research Boot Camp should refer to application and application instructions when available for full eligibility requirements and application procedures:

Selection Criteria
Applications will be evaluated using the following criteria on a 100-point scale:

  • Applicant Information (25 points maximum): Publications, training expectations, letters of support, and applicant motivation to conduct research and interest in the proposed research
  • Institutional Support (35 points maximum): Seed support, senior investigator qualifications, and research network
  • Research Idea (40 points maximum): Feasibility, novelty, and relevance
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