Promoting Influenza Prevention: Pharmacists As Immunization Advocates

A demonstration grant program from the ASHP Foundation
Supported by Merck
The 2011 application cycle is now closed. Please check back for information about the next program offering or sign up for the ASHP Foundation Enews for the latest information.

Each year in the United States, an estimated 20 percent of the population gets influenza. While most people recover without complications, more than 200,000 people are hospitalized and about 36,000 people die. Influenza vaccination is the most effective tool to prevent those deaths. It is estimated that only 42 percent of health care personnel in the United States receive a yearly influenza vaccination, even though healthcare worker immunization has been identified as a critical strategy in protecting patients from exposure.

The ASHP Foundation is offering support for demonstration projects that focus on the pharmacist’s role in promoting vaccination against seasonal influenza. These demonstration projects should address implementation of programs that advance seasonal influenza immunization in healthcare workers during the 2011/2012 influenza season and should incorporate resources from ASHP’s Stop the Flu – It Starts with You resource center.

Eligibility Criteria
• The proposed research must involve demonstration projects focused on the pharmacist’s role in promoting vaccination against seasonal influenza. If the principal investigator does not have a strong research track record, inclusion of a senior investigator as a member of the research team is strongly advised.  The principal investigator must be a licensed pharmacist and multidisciplinary research teams are strongly encouraged.  If a senior investigator participates on the research team as a mentor/advisor, in the application process and grant progress reports evidence must be included regarding the support and involvement of the senior investigator.  The senior investigator must have a strong research track record.  The senior investigator does not have to be a pharmacist.  Consideration should be given to allocating a portion of the budget to support biostatistics consultation.  
• The proposed research must be submitted to an institutional review board (IRB) for approval. Evidence of IRB approval must be provided to the ASHP Foundation upon acceptance of the grant award.  Grant funds will not be disbursed until evidence of IRB approval has been received.
• Individuals who currently serve as a principal investigator or co-principal investigator on an existing ASHP Foundation-supported research grant, with the exception of new investigator grants, are not eligible for funding through this grant program.  Individuals who served as principal investigators on previous ASHP Foundation grants are eligible to apply if all work, including publication of study findings, on the previously funded research is complete. If a tie score occurs during the grant review process, the grant will be awarded to the applicant(s) who has/have not received a grant from the ASHP Foundation previously. 
• The ASHP Foundation only makes grants to tax-exempt institutions or agencies in the United States of America.
• The research must comply with the NIH Policy and Guidelines on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities as Subjects in Clinical Research that was amended in October, 2001. 
• The research must comply with the NIH Policy and Guidelines On the Inclusion of Children As Participants in Research Involving Human Subjects.
• The study timeline should not exceed 18 months from project initiation.

Funding Information
One $25,000 grant will be awarded. A grant will be awarded to pharmacist investigators to provide funding for specific practice-based research related to the pharmacist’s role in promoting vaccination against seasonal influenza and are not intended for long-term support of research programs. Facilities and administrative cost rates that do not exceed 8% of the total requested budget are allowed.

Application Process
Pharmacists interested in applying for funding should refer to the request for proposals and application instructions when available for full eligibility requirements and application procedures.

Selection Criteria
Grant applications will be judged by a selection panel using the following criteria:

• Rationale-10 points
• Significance-10 points
• Objectives-20 points
• Study Methods-40 points
• Scope and Timeline-5 points
• Personnel and Facilities-15 points

The 2011 application cycle is now closed.

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