leadersEDGE Webinar Series

Exploring emerging practice challenges featuring thought leaders at the forefront of new practice transformations

The leadersEDGE Webinar Series offers quarterly webinars focused on timely leadership issues. We explore the underlying factors that contribute to these issues, teaching participants how to develop a leadership point of view from which they can form a plan of action.

2017 On Demand CE Activities

Brand Your Leadership With Influence Skills for Advocacy 
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Sometimes when people brainstorm ideas to solve a problem or achieve a goal, the best ideas are passed over. Worse yet, a suggestion that’s less likely to succeed may be selected instead. Have you been in that situation? How does that happen?

Leadership and communications expert John Daly has a straightforward answer: the best idea wasn't sold as well. During this webinar, John will teach you how to increase the chances that your idea gains the support of your team and your organization’s decision makers.

Participants will have the tools to:

• Describe critical learning elements that will help you build your brand and effectively advocate for your most important ideas.
• Define developmental opportunities to enhance personal communication skills.
• Critically evaluate personal opportunities for self-development and improvement to optimize influence and persuasion opportunities.

John A. Daly, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Communication Studies, College of Communication
The University of Texas at Austin

Moderated by Sharon Murphy Enright, MBA

Gateways to Effective Change: Systems Thinking in Action for Patient Safety
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Today’s leaders often operate in a realm of uncertainty and staggering complexity. Old practices aren’t working as well. The problems we face are less simple and clear-cut answers are uncommon. More data just might not provide new strategies, and there is increasingly no “right” answer or a clear path to sustained results.

With the added challenge of accessing complete and timely information, sometimes today’s solutions become tomorrow’s problems. We need leadership more than ever, and it is a new kind of leadership, a new way of thinking. In this realm of wicked problems often with no obvious solution, leaders need to think, learn and act differently, and engage others in that process.

You will learn to:

• Apply concepts of systems thinking and its value to leading the pharmacy enterprise.
• Assess systems thinking concepts and practices contribution to more effective medication safety management.
• Identify strategies for shared understanding of system-level solutions and a culture of learning and accountability at every level of the organization to ensure more consistent safety results.

Jennifer Tryon PharmD, MS, FASHP
Wake Forest Baptist Health

Todd Krupa, M.A., MSPSL
Director of Patient Safety
Wake Forest Baptist Health

Moderated by Sharon Murphy Enright, MBA

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