New Practitioner Pharmacist Leadership Research Grant

Supported by the Marianne F. Ivey Leadership Development Fund

Application Deadline: November 1, 2018
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Program Focus
New practitioner pharmacists (within 5 years of their pharmacy degree, including those who are currently in ASHP-accredited residency programs) are eligible for this grant program.

  • The grant program supports diverse projects including model demonstration projects, systems change projects, special studies and evaluations that are focused on developing leadership competencies (i.e., attributes, skills, behaviors) such as, building effective teams, being resilient, and optimizing work processes.
  • Priority will be given to research that combines innovative leadership development practices with measurable outcomes, such as:
    • Clinician (e.g., engagement, well-being, team development, professional development).
    • Care processes (e.g., adverse drug event reporting, time for first dose).
    • Patient (e.g., satisfaction, A1C, adherence).
    • Organizational (e.g., productivity, turnover, innovation).

Funding Information
Up to seven $5,000 grants will be awarded to new practitioner pharmacists to provide funding for specific practice-based research related to leadership development. Funding is not intended for long-term support of research programs. Facilities and administrative cost rates that do not exceed 8 percent of the total requested budget are allowed.

Timeline for the 2018-2019 Program Offering

• Applications available: August 1, 2018
"How to Submit a Successful Application" webinar: September 11, 2018
• Application deadline: November 1, 2018
• Grantees announced in January 2019

How to Submit a Successful Application Webinar

We invite you to watch the webinar for interested applicants to learn more about the grant and the entire application process on September 11, 2018. Register today

Helpful Resources

• Educational series "Essentials of Practice-Based Research for Pharmacists"