Pharmacy Residency Excellence Awards

Supported by an educational donation from Amgen, Inc.
Application Available: March 18, 2015
Application Deadline: June 19, 2015

The Pharmacy Residency Excellence Awards program was created with the intent of recognizing excellence and leadership in the training and mentoring of pharmacy residents -- training that is crucial to the development of future leaders and raising the level of practice.

This awards program will honor leading practice facilities and mentors in pharmacy residency training. The facilities that conduct residency training are the forerunners in excellence, leadership, innovation and training in the United States. Key decision makers in health-system practice are mentors for future leaders in pharmacy practice. 

The program has two goals:

1. to recognize the achievements of residency programs and practitioners who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in the training of pharmacy residents, and 
2. to widely disseminate the results of these accomplishments in order to foster innovations in pharmacy residency training.