ASHP Wisdom Society

The ASHP Wisdom Society is a virtual networking group of long-standing ASHP members who desire to maintain an ongoing relationship with ASHP and the ASHP Foundation while learning about personal and professional issues of special interest to persons who are retired or approaching retirement.

Wisdom Society communications and activities such as webinars or gatherings at ASHP meetings will offer opportunities for:
  • Networking with colleagues in similar life and professional situations,
  • Providing input and advice on proposed ASHP and ASHP Foundation initiatives,
  • Exploring subjects of personal interest (for example, novel approaches to retirement/semi-retirement, volunteerism opportunities, financial planning strategies.),
  • Learning how other colleagues have expressed gratitude for rewarding careers in health-system pharmacy,
  • Learning about ways to make meaningful and lasting contributions to the profession through estate planning and charitable giving.
If you are an ASHP member who has enjoyed or is still engaged in a rewarding career in pharmacy, and is interested in the future of the profession, you’re exactly who the Wisdom Society is looking for! To learn more about the Wisdom Society and to suggest areas of focus for the group, please email or call Steven Rubloff ( / 301-664-8818).

First Gathering of the ASHP Wisdom Society
The inaugural event of the Wisdom Society took place at the recent ASHP Summer Meetings in Minneapolis in June 2017, and a recap of the event and copies of the presentations can be accessed below: