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How the Pharmacy Leadership Academy Affected One Man's Career

As part of such a dynamic profession, pharmacists have to develop a variety of skills to ensure safe and effective medication use, and one skill set that stands out is leadership. True pharmacy leaders inspire, improve patient outcomes, and advance the profession of pharmacy to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare. And Dr. Cedric Terrell, Pharm.D., M.H.A., has done just that. 

In 2011, Dr. Cedric Terrell, while serving as director of pharmacy services at Norton Brownsboro Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, completed the ASHP Foundation’s Pharmacy Leadership Academy®. Since completing the Academy, things have continued to progress for Dr. Terrell. In 2014, he was promoted to assistant vice president for clinical and diagnostic services at Palomar Health, in San Diego, California, the largest public hospital district in the state. This position allowed Dr. Terrell to broaden his scope of responsibility.  “It also gave me a different viewpoint in regards to healthcare delivery and the value that we as pharmacy leaders bring to the table,” says Dr. Terrell. “So I thought it was a great opportunity for me. It also helped me hone in on my passion.”

Two years after being promoted at Palomar Health, Dr. Terrell was granted the opportunity to join Novant Health, a multi-state, regional health system comprised of 15 hospitals with 430 physician practice locations. As a senior leader at a healthcare system comprised of almost 30,000 team members, Dr. Terrell continues to utilize that important principles learned at the Academy. “I think the Academy helps you identify how to effectively work with other leaders,” says Dr. Terrell. 

While Dr. Terrell enjoys seeing classmates from the Academy at conferences and conventions, he is particularly grateful for the relationship he developed with Academy faculty member James A. Jorgenson, M.S., R.Ph., FASHP. Mr. Jorgenson and Dr. Terrell had met previously, but the relationship began to blossom at the Academy. “We just began to build a relationship so much so that I really consider him to be a sponsor for my career path,” Dr. Terrell explains.

Dr. Terrell also suggests the Academy to seasoned leaders and sees it as a refreshing opportunity to revisit important principles in a different mindset. “As a pharmacy leader, I think programs like the Academy advance our profession by inspiring leaders to cultivate their innate skills. I personally experienced that.” After team members return from the Academy, Dr. Terrell notices one thing in particular about them. “If I had to sum it up, I’d say confidence. People realize the overall impact they can have on how we deliver healthcare.”