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Technology Innovations

Innovation Research Initiative

Implementing innovations in technology is recognized as an important component of advancing patient care. When implemented effectively, it can enhance efficiency and enables the pharmacy workforce to demonstrate their contributions to patient and organizational outcomes. In alignment with the ASHP Innovation Center, the ASHP Foundation is supporting research focused on the use of technology to enhance medication safety and advance pharmacy practice.

Diffusing and implementing an innovation starts with understanding the current trends, future opportunities and potential barriers. Just a few decades ago, the use of barcode medication administration technology was not widely adopted but is now utilized in the majority of U.S. hospitals and health systems. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a newer technology offering potential enhancements to identify, track and trace medications. Through support of our corporate partner, Fresenius Kabi, the Foundation recently began a RFID research initiative that will delve into practice gaps that will lay the groundwork for resources and demonstration grants. To learn more about the current uses of RFID technology, check out this free on-demand CE activity where practice leaders will delve into the opportunities and challenges for expanding RFID in healthcare.


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