Technology Innovations to Advance Medication Safety

Optimizing the use of technology enhances access to quality care and enables the pharmacy workforce to demonstrate the important role and value they bring to patients and organizations.


RFID is a technology innovation that has significant potential yet has seen limited adoption in medication management systems.  Enhancing diffusion and adoption of an innovation requires a multipronged strategy that starts with developing an understanding of the opportunities, challenges and potential impact on care delivery and outcomes. 


On-demand activity for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

Technology Innovations: Focus on RFID in Healthcare
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An educational webinar for the pharmacy workforce will raise awareness and knowledge of RFID technology through the lens of practice gaps and challenges. Faculty will engage participants in their lessons learned when implementing the technology, highlight potential future uses and consider the barriers for wider adoption of RFID.  

Mixed Methods Research will delve into practice gaps, barriers, potential future uses and desired outcomes.

A survey followed by a virtual focus group will delve into current trends and future opportunities. A report with the results will include implementation recommendations and outcome measures from early adopters of this technology in pharmacy and healthcare. 


The next component of the initiative is a survey followed by a virtual focus group to delve in the next phase of this initiative, the Foundation will utilize this report to develop a request for proposals to offer grants for projects that demonstrate outcomes of implementing RFID in medication management systems. 


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