Cleveland Clinic Visit

On September 26-27, 2012, David Zilz visited the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. "The Visiting Leaders Program and David Zilz were extremely well received," said Scott Knoer, Cleveland Clinic's Chief Pharmacy Officer. "The residents and leadership team were actively engaged in discussions. They were left with many ideas to think about as we continue our practice model transformation!"


When David Zilz arrived for his visit with Cleveland Clinic residents, he was picked up at the airport in style by Chief Pharmacy Officer Scott Knoer, driving his new 662 HP Mustang Shelby.

  Zilz wasted no time, immediately going with Dr. Knoer to visit Medina Hospital, one of the Cleveland Clinics community hospitals.
  While at Medina Hospital, he met with the pharmacy team to learn about their efforts with practice model transformation and how they are moving towards a patient-focused practice.
  After this meeting ended, Zilz joined the directors of all of the community hospitals at the main campus for dinner and a conversation about health care reform and the impact on pharmacy.
The following day started early, with Zilz slated to spend the day with the residents from Clevelan Clinic's main campus, Farview Hospital, Hillcrest Hospital and (by video conference) Cleveland Clinic Florida. In total, 23 residents attended.
Zilz spent the first 4 hours working with the group on overall trends in pharmacy, identifying why they are the greatest generation and the importance of developing a life plan.

Afterwards, he participated in breakout sessions with 4-5 residents each, addressing their questions and concerns about pharmacy practice. Conversations continued until 5 p.m.
At 5 p.m., Zilz departed for a dinner with the Residency Committee.
During this dinner, he discussed how the profession needs to optimize the use of students and residents to meet the new demands of health care.
On the final day of his visit, Zilz spent the morning with the management team to discuss similar topics and a review of his conversations with residents.