The Johns Hopkins Hospital Visit

On July 30-31, 2012, Marianne Ivey visited The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md.

  On the first day of her visit, Dr. Ivey had lunch with 11 leaders from Johns Hopkins' department of pharmacy. The group discussed strategies for pharmacy services in a multi-hospital system.
  After lunch, Dr. Ivey talked to the pharmacy residents, preceptors and leadership about the future pharmacy landscape, opportunities and how the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative would affect them.
  Following her presentation, the attendees broke into groups to discuss pre-selected Whitney lectures, the vision of each lecturer and how it relates to what is happening today in pharmacy.
  Dr. Ivey also led a discussion about the importance of the relationship between pharmacy residency training and pharmacy leadership.
  Dr. Ivey's visit also included time with current and past Johns Hopkins pharmacy residents, a tour of the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children's Center and Sheikh Zayed Tower, and dinner with current residents and Hopkins' Senior Director of Pharmacy Daniel Ashby.