2011 "In Memory Of" Donations

The ASHP Foundation frequently receives donations made in memory of individuals. The following list recognizes these special donations, those who remain in our thoughts, and the contributors who made those gifts in calendar year 2011.  (Please note that the list below includes donors of gifts received through December 31, 2011.)

Bonnie Siegel Barton
Jerry Siegel

Cathy C. Bowles
Julie L. and C. Edwin Webb

Herbert S. Carlin
Daniel M. Ashby
Kevin J. Colgan
Ann and Charles M. King Jr.

Winston J. Durant
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Marianne F. and Tom D. Ivey

Don and Gloria Francke
Gary E. Greiner

Trina Leocadio
Bethany Coulter

Paul D. Pedersen (father-in-law of Richard Walling)
Stephen J. Allen
Myrna J. Petersen and Keith Konajeski

R.E. Post
Julie A. Nelson

Lois J. Warner
Janet L. Teeters

John W. Webb
Barbara T. Irby

Mark Zelbo  (husband of Lisa Lifshin)
Margaret M. Chrymko
Toby Clark
Charles and Linda Daniels
Myrna J. Petersen and Keith Konajeski

Rabbi Samuel Zev and Mrs. Matilda Stroli
Miriam Klein