Patient-Centered Medical Home: A traineeship to enhance competence in team-based care models

The 2017-2018 application cycle is now closed. Please check back for information about the next program offering or sign up for the ASHP Foundation Enews for the latest information.

Your organization is adapting to the environment – more pharmacists are being strategically deployed to optimize medication management in the transitions and in outpatient settings. In this two-part educational program, you learn from expert faculty to elevate quality, safety, and outcomes in medical homes, clinics, and accountable care organizations (ACOs). A combination of focused distance and experiential training will build your competence to implement services and quality metrics to transform patient care and optimize outcomes.

The traineeship consists of four components:  
• Pre-Program Self-Assessment – Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment Tool
• Distance education program
• Skills-based, robust 5-day experiential program
• Post-training requirements to demonstrate participant and practice outcomes

Program Timeline for the 2017-2018 Offering
• Applications available – June 23, 2017
• Scholarship application deadline –  September 12, 2017 (Full Traineeship and Scholarship application)
• Application deadline – October 10, 2017
• Participants announced – November 2017
• Distance education – December 2017 – March 2018
• Experiential training – April/May 2018
Post training requirements – Fall 2018

Tuition Information
The tuition for the Medical Home Traineeship is $3,750. Applicants who are accepted into the program can elect to pay their registration fee payment in full or participate in a payment plan.

More Information About the Traineeship

Sites and Faculty
Selected Trainees
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