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Zack Dumon PLA Alumni
Participant’s Perspective

A Reflection on the Pharmacy Leadership Academy

In 2016, Zack Dumont enrolled in the Pharmacy Leadership Academy. One of the things he was most grateful for was the opportunity for self-reflection. This inspired him to start a blog about his experience in each course. “There were more than a few dozen “ah-ha” moments,” writes Zack.  In his blog, he reflects on the benefits of the readings, discussion boards, “what to do and what not to do” guides, webinars, and more.

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Course Schedule

Course topics are based on a set of identified skills required to be an effective pharmacy leader.

Pharmacy Leadership Academy course 1 image
Course 1: July – August

Leadership Influence

Learn how to be effective with people and how to lead yourself

Pharmacy Leadership Academy course 2 image
Course 2: August – September

Leading the Pharmacy Enterprise: Building the Business of Pharmacy

Explore and analyze the pharmacy enterprise and the key roles it plays in supporting both the clinical and business functions of the larger healthcare organization.

Pharmacy Leadership Academy course 3  course 7 image
Course 3: October – November

Leading System Reliability: Safety & Quality

Achieve high reliability in your organization through an enhancement and commitment to Safety Culture by implementing processes using a systematic approach.

Pharmacy Leadership Academy course 4 image
Course 4: January - February

Leading Effective Financial Management

Become a pharmacy leader with core financial knowledge. Learn to speak the language needed to successfully lead a health system to financial success.

Pharmacy Leadership Academy course 5 image
Course 5: February - March

Leading Transformational Change and Innovation

A conceptual model for understanding how organizations move from short-term performance improvements to sustained, organization-wide patient care improvements.

Pharmacy Leadership Academy course 6 image
Course 6: April – May

Strategic Clinical Leadership

Address the critical role of the clinical leader in assuring that the patient’s views and needs are a primary focus during decision making.

Pharmacy Leadership Academy course 3  course 7 image
Course 7: May – June

Leading for Sustained Organizational and Individual Success

Explore key concepts of organizational culture and its role in shaping change initiatives and their success.

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