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The William A. Zellmer Lecture Fund is used to invite a distinguished speaker to address the practice leaders of ASHP during ASHP Policy Week on an annual basis. Through the lecture fund, health-system pharmacy leaders from around the country will continue to be inspired and confronted by leading thinkers regarding concerns facing pharmacy and healthcare.

Learn more about past Zellmer Lecture Award recipients and their lectures.

Rear Admiral Krista M. Pedley
Reflections on Pharmacy as the Foundation for Public Service
Press Release | Lecture Recap
Rita Shane
An Advocacy Journey: Passion, Persistence, Patience
Press Release | Lecture Recording | Slides | Lecture Recap
Erin R. Fox
An Advocacy Journey
Press Release | Lecture Recap
Michael R. Cohen 
Insights on Influencing Public Policy
Press release | Lecture recap
Mark L. Hayes
Insights Into the Future of Healthcare
Press release | Lecture Recap
Rear Admiral Pamela Schweitzer
Shifts in Perspective Help Pharmacy Move Forward
Press release | Lecture Recap
John M. Coster
Pharmacy and Public Policy: A Roadmap for the Future
Press release | Lecture Recap
Susan C. Winckler
The Intersection of Public Policy and Professional Responsibility
Press release | Lecture Recap
Dennis C. Wagner
Choosing to Use the Most Powerful Model in the World
Press release | Lecture Recap
Rear Admiral Scott Giberson
Transform Health Care in 2012! A Call to Action
Jimmy R. Mitchell
The Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Collaborative: A Pharmacy Practice Model that is Transforming Community-Level Health Care Across the U.S
Press release | Lecture recap
William A. Zellmer
Why ASHP Policy Matters
Press release | Lecture recap