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Donations Made in Honor of

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The ASHP Foundation frequently receives donations made In Honor Of individuals. The following list recognizes these special donations, those who remain in our thoughts, and the contributors who made those. Please note that the list below includes donors of gifts received in calendar year 2021.

Andy Anderson
Paul W. Abramowitz


Daniel M. Ashby
Bringham and Womens Hospital


ASHP Board of Directors
Kathleen S. Pawlicki
Linda S. Tyler


ASHP Foundation 2020-2021 Board of Directors
Kelly M. Smith

AU Medical Center-UGA College of Pharmacy Residency Class of 2020-2021

Marjorie A. Phillips

Authors of Drug Expenditures and Projections for 2021
Eric Michael Tichy


Marianne F. Ivey Leadership Fund
Masayuki Kimura
Alex and Divya Varkey


E.K. Mathai 
Jaison Varghese

Joseph A. Oddis

Henri Manasse
Kelly M. Smith
David R. Witmer

Alice Romie
Barbara B. Nussbaum


Rita Shane
Rita and Lyle Jew