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Donations Made in Honor of

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The ASHP Foundation frequently receives donations made In Honor Of individuals. The following list recognizes these special donations, those who remain in our thoughts, and the contributors who made those. Please note that the list below includes donors of gifts received in calendar year 2023.


Maurice Abramowitz Joseph A. Oddis
ASHP Board of Directors Deb Devereaux Marie T. Newman
Kathy S. Pawlicki Autumn Pinard 

Kelly M. Smith William A. Zellmer  John Pastor III
    Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Khalid Ahmad Alfaifi  
PharmGradWishlist Leadership Team  
All Victims of Gun Violence  Elizabeth Hirsch
Polly Robinson
Sidney Phillips and Richard Cadle
ASHP Foundation Anonymous
Ken Harding  
  Rabbi V. Stroli and Mrs. M. Stroli
Sister Mary Louise Degenhart Miriam Klein
Daniel Ashby Deb Devereaux
Patrick David Fuller Janet Mighty Navya Varshney
Beth Bryles Phillips Marjorie A. Phillips Amy M. Olin
Kelly M. Smith William A. Zellmer
J. Whitaker Young
Susan Haight Marisa Young
Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  David Zilz
 Eric Hola  Stanley Kent
Vickie Lynn Ferdinand-Powell