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A Gift that Grows

Members of the Legacy Society have demonstrated their long-term commitment to the ASHP Foundation through a very special form of financial support. These donors have named the Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift. The Legacy Society recognizes planned gifts.  When you include the ASHP Foundation in your estate plan, you are supporting research and education that is pivotal to the future of pharmacy and medication safety. You are also taking advantage of the unique tax and income benefits of planned giving.

A planned gift is a meaningful donation that combines your desire to preserve your legacy with your charitable and financial goals. Leave a lasting legacy and invest in the future of the pharmacy. 

In recognition of their generous support, Legacy Society donors receive a number of exclusive benefits.  Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Multiple recognitions, including a Legacy Society ribbon for your badge at ASHP national meetings and your name listed as a Legacy Society donor on the ASHP Foundation website 
  • Invitation to Donor Appreciation Receptions at ASHP national meetings

We would like to thank the following individuals, to whom we are very grateful:

  • Stephen J. Allen
  • Roger W. and Betty Anderson
  • Cynthia Brennan and Adam S. Kerner
  • Deanna M. Dimmitt
  • Carla B. Frye
  • Patricia and Kurt Kienle
  • K. Don Lindsay
  • Kenneth P. Lusher
  • Carl and Joyce Lyons
  • Henri R. and Arlynn Manasse Jr.
  • Nelly Amelia Nigro
  • Joseph A. Oddis
  • George and Margaret Phillips
  • Florence N. Rainone
  • Mary Jo Reilly
  • Jack and Mary Grace Tighe
  • Sara J. White
  • William A. and Charlene Zellmer

 Legacy Society Membership Benefits

Your membership allows us to thank you and recognize your generous gift that may inspire others. The most important benefit you will receive from joining the Legacy Society is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to our long-term success.

 See planned giving intent form.

To learn more about making a legacy gift, please visit our Planned Giving website

The Difference Your Donations Make 

Learn how our work and your support advances pharmacy practice and improves health outcomes for patients through optimal, safe and effective medication use.

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