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Daniel Ashby Fund for Excellence in Pharmacy Residency Training Donors

The following contributors have donated to the Daniel M. Ashby Fund for Excellence in Pharmacy Residency Training  to honor former ASHP President Daniel Ashby’s profound impact on pharmacy practice. 

Gifts of $10,000+

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Pharmacy

Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999

John S. and Angela M. Clark
Todd W. Nesbit
Maryland Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Gifts of $2,000 - $4,999

Henri R. Manasse Jr.
Jamie Sue Sinclair
Scott M. Samson

Gifts of $1,000 - $1,999

Barbara Ashby
Bonnie Riddle
Debbie Devereaux
Bruce E. Scott
James A. and Andrea Klauck
James G. Stevenson
Janet L. Mighty

Janet A. Silvester, Pharm. D., M.B.A., RPh, FASHP
Keith Moore
Kevin Colgan
Mick L. Hunt Jr.

Richard L. Lucarotti
Ronald T. Turnbull
Sara J. White
Thomas James Johnson

Gifts of $500 - $999

Elizabeth Wade
Kristin K. Hanson
Linda S. Tyler
Lynnae M. Mahaney

Meghan Davlin Swarthout
Mary Beth O'Connell

Rita R Shane
William L. Greene

Gifts of $100 - $499

Alessandro Groppi
Andrea Tully
Andy Weissel
Annette M. Rowden
Arpit Mehta
Ashley M Duty
Becky Waltman
Bethany Sharpless
Billy W. Woodward
Bob Lobo
Bonnie Levin
Bruce E. Vinson
Carolyn Orendorff
Casey H. White
Cathy Walker
Chris Naughton
Christene M. Jolowsky
Clayton and Corry Johnston
Deborah Lytle
Diane B. Ginsburg
Elizabeth A. Goswami
Ellen Germain
Frances Wong
Ginger J. Ertel
Haval Norman
Janet Lee
Jeff Huntress
Jennifer Reddan
Jill A. Morgan
John A. Armitstead
John E. Murphy
Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
Joseph T. Botticelli
Julie C. Lenhart
Katherine Anne Miller, Pharm. D., M.H.A
Katherine Sanvidge
Kathy Ghomeshi
Kathy S. Pawlicki
Kelly Smith
Kristine Parbuoni
Kristopher Rusinko
Larry P. Siegel
Lea S. Eiland
Liana Mark Klejmont
Margaret Malovrh
Margo S. Farber
Matthew J Newman
Max D. Ray
Meghan Tolan Wagner
Melody Berg
Michael & Faye Grimes
Michael R Goldenhorn
Mitra Gavgani
Molly Wascher
Nathan S. Thompson
Niesha Griffith
Nora Flint
Paul C. Walker
Paul W. Bush, Pharm. D., M.B.A., BCPS, FASHP
Philip W Brummond
Rachel Kruer
Ross W. Thompson
Ryan Tarpey
Samuel V. Calabrese
Stephen J. Allen
Stephen T. Smith
Thomas S. Thielke
Tom Woller
William A. Zellmer
W. Perry Flowers


Gifts up to $99

Alana Ciolek
Ashley M. Wengrove
Cheryl L. Imirie
Dan Degnan
Eleanor D. Sadler
Eric  Michael Tichy
Jacqueline A Saunders
Jeff Hurren
Joshua W Fleming
Julie Melissa Waldfogel
Kay M. Ryan
Kurt Kleinmann
Lucianne West
Meg Croom
Rob Stark
Samuel Culli
Virna I Almuete