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New Professionals Visionary Society

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The New Professionals Visionary Society includes residents and new practitioner pharmacists (5 or less years in practice) on an annual basis, no matter the amount of the donation.  We want to recognize the meaningful commitment you’re making early in your career to support the important philanthropic work of the ASHP Foundation.


Stephanie Burk  Elizabeth Davis Lori Davis Courtney Dekeyser
Mark Foster Amanda J. Giggy Alexander Guzman Brianna Hassett
Gyeong Min Kim  Ji-Hyun Kim Rachel Kuo Jeff Lin
Patricia McLeod Renee McTee  Naidelyn Medina Patrick O'Hearn
Vraj Patel Nikoo Sarvghad Rachel Schwenk Harleen Singh
Brian Tran Luis Trejo Luan Truong Katherine L. Ulloa 
Fatima Waheedi Jessica A. Weinland Brenae N. Wilson Olufemi Zannu