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ASHP Foundation Staff

Steven A. Rubloff, Secretary
Steven A. Rubloff

Chief Executive Officer

Barbara B. Nussbaum
Barbara B. Nussbaum, B.S.Pharm., Ph.D

Vice President for Research & Education

Martha Crews
Martha Crews, B.A.

Vice President for Development

Stephanie Brown
Stephanie D. Brown, M.Ed.

Director of Operations

Shelby Giles
Shelby Giles, B.A.

Communications Specialist

Meaghan L. Cunningham, B.A.
Meaghan L. Cunningham, B.A.

Project Manager

Antoinette Parris
Antoinette Parris, B.S., CHES

Project Manager

Robin Burriss
Robin Burriss, B.A.

Senior Administrative Coordinator